Macroeconomic and sector-related conditions

In an overall challenging and volatile global economic environment entailing ongoing risks to global economic growth, the general conditions for industrial biotechnology remained positive in the 2022/23 financial year. Biotechnological research and development is being conducted very actively in all areas of the sector, an “innovation renaissance” in new products and technology platforms is underway, and the sector is playing a strategically vital role in the patient-centered healthcare system of the future. This also applies to the solution of fundamental challenges for nutrition, energy, the environment, and climate under the overarching theme of sustainability, and this potential is far from exhausted.1 This development is highly relevant for BRAIN Biotech AG.

While revenue growth in the area of therapies and diagnostics is high in absolute terms, industrial biotechnology also recorded an increase.2 In addition to the substitution of petrochemical-based products, the industry’s research and development activities also focus on biological solutions for sugar and salt substitutes as well as alternative protein sources.

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