Business progress

BRAIN implemented a number of key initiatives, measures, and developments in the 2022/23 financial year:

The development of genome editing activities bundled under the Akribion Genomics brand name is primarily focused on therapeutic applications, including oncology applications. The mode of action of the nucleases selected for this purpose enables both the targeted enrichment of cells and their elimination by selective destruction. This novel mode of action of nuclease G-dase E® thereby promises significant progress for therapeutic applications, particularly in the oncology area.

A three-pillar reporting structure was introduced in the financial year under review. This provides shareholders with enhanced transparency and visibility in relation to the Group’s operating performance in its BioProducts, BioScience, and BioIncubator segments. The BioScience segment comprises the activities for customized customer solutions in contract research. The BioProducts segment bundles all of the Group’s product-related activities for application-related fermentation and formulation with a focus on food and beverages. These also include the large-scale fermentation capacities of the Biocatalysts subsidiary. The BioIncubator comprises the pioneering research projects and the product pipeline, including Akribion Genomics, of BRAIN Biotech AG.

In May 2023, an important step was also taken towards implementing the “One-BioProducts” strategy. The last two minority interests in Biocatalysts Ltd. were acquired. Biocatalysts is now wholly owned by BRAIN Biotech AG – the parent company of the BRAIN Biotech Group – and will form the core of the Group’s ambitious growth strategy to create a global multi-specialty enzymes company.

In terms of revenue, four milestones were reached in strategic industrial partnerships in the 2022/23 financial year (previous year: five). The milestones achieved relate to various cooperation partners and fall slightly short of the previous year’s forecast due to delays.