The BRAIN Biotech Share

BRAIN Biotech AG is a growth company with a focus on industrial biotechnology. In addition to the general capital market environment, sector-specific conditions and investors’ risk appetite, the main share price drivers are the future and growth prospects of BRAIN Biotech AG. In particular, the share responds with greater volatility to news flow concerning progress made with projects from the BRAIN BioIncubator, which contains some of BRAIN Biotech’s key future projects. Continued organic growth, improved profitability, and the successful integration of acquired companies are further key drivers of the share’s performance.

Share price performance1
Price at the start of the financial year Price at the end of the financial year


for the financial year


for the financial year

12M share price performance
€ 4.08 € 4.24 € 7.00 € 3.96 +3.92 %
(first trading day 03.10.2022)


(last trading day 29.09.2023)

06. & 08.03.2023 29.06.2023  
Performance of the BRAIN Biotech share in the 2022/23 financial year (indexed)

Key share data

Share class No-par-value registered shares
Stock exchanges All stock exchanges
Transparency level Prime Standard
Number of shares 21.847.495
Share capital € 21,847,495
ISIN DE0005203947
WKN 520394
Ticker symbol BNN
Specialist Baader Bank AG
Designated Sponsor Baader Bank AG
Paying agent Bankhaus Gebr. Martin
Share price on 29.09. 20232 € 4.24
52-week high € 7.00
52-week low € 3.96
Market capitalization on 29.09. 20232 € 93 million
Average daily trading volume (52 weeks as of 29.09. 20232) 8,403 shares/day
1 In each case based on the XETRA closing price
2 Last trading day of the 2022/23 financial year

Shareholder structure

The free float stood at 42.0 % as of 30 September 2023. The shareholder structure of BRAIN Biotech AG as of 30 September 2023 (and as of the previous year’s reporting date) was as follows:


Company Analyst
Baader Helvea Equity Research Markus Mayer
Deutsche Bank AG Jan Koch
FMR Frankfurt Main Research AG Dr. Mohamad Vaseghi
Kepler Cheuvreux Fabien Le Disert
M.M. Warburg & Co. Bank Dr. Christian Ehmann

Financial communication

BRAIN Biotech AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the Prime Standard segment of the Regulated Market, the stock exchange segment entailing the highest transparency requirements. Along with corresponding mandatory publications including quarterly statements and the half-year financial report, BRAIN Biotech informed investors, analysts, and other interested capital market participants in a total of two ad hoc announcements, 16 press and investor relations announcements, as well as through telephone conferences and numerous individual meetings, about the company’s further development and about the bioeconomy’s global growth potential. The future corporate structure was presented and explained at the company’s fourth Capital Markets Day at the end of February. The Management Board and the Head of Investor Relations were repeatedly available for discussions at individual roadshows and relevant conferences such as the Equity Forum, the Unicredit/Kepler Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference in Frankfurt in January, and the Baader Investment Conference in Munich. The focus was on explaining the new three-pillar corporate structure and the continued strong growth prospects. The declared objective is to position BRAIN Biotech in the top 10 companies of the global enzyme market in the medium term by doubling its revenue generated with industrial products. BRAIN Biotech operates in this area as a global multi-niche enzyme company. The genome editing activities bundled under the Akribion Genomics brand are to be transferred to a separate company in order to raise additional funds to finance these activities. Financial announcements and publications as well as all other publications of relevance to the capital market are permanently available on the company’s website at

Annual General Meeting

On 8 March 2023, the seventh Annual General Meeting of BRAIN Biotech AG was held for the third time as a virtual event. Of the share capital of BRAIN Biotech AG of € 21,847,495.00, divided into 21,847,495 no par value registered shares, 14,742,619 shares with the same number of votes (including postal votes) were represented at the AGM. Depending on the agenda item, the shareholding at the time of voting was between 60.00 % and 67.46 % of the share capital of BRAIN Biotech AG. The voting results are published on the Internet at:

Votes were held on the ratification of the actions of the Management and Supervisory boards for the 2021/22 financial year, the re-election of one member and the election of two new members to the Supervisory Board, and the approval of a new compensation scheme for the Management Board, which links Management Board compensation more closely with the company’s long-term performance. The election of the auditor of the annual separate and consolidated financial statements, new capital resolutions and an amendment to the company’s bylaws were also voted on.