Important Events

Sugar cubes as symbol for sweeteners

25 October 2022

BRAIN Biotech and Bonumose collaborate on enzyme optimization

BRAIN Biotech and Bonumose are working together to improve the performance of various enzymes used in reaction cascades for the continuous production of low-calorie, naturally occurring rare sugars.

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Portrait from Dr. Martin Langer and Dr. Alexander Pelzer

9 January 2023

Important management positions at BRAIN Biotech Zwingenberg newly filled

Dr. Alexander Pelzer succeeds Dr. Michael Krohn as Head of Research & Development. Dr. Martin Langer takes on additional responsibility as Managing Director BioScience Operations, Zwingenberg.

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Sports shoe made from textile

8 February 2023

BRAIN Biotech and AMSilk partner to develop high performance bio-based protein fibers

AMSilk will use BRAIN Biotech's expertise to expand its protein technology platform into new markets and applications. Specific properties of AMSilk's structural proteins will be further optimized for various high performance textile applications.

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abstract illustration from DNA double helix

22 February 2023

BRAIN Biotech and TransCode Therapeutics join forces

BRAIN Biotech AG announces a development collaboration with the RNA oncology company TransCode Therapeutics Inc. The companies intend to jointly develop a delivery platform for Akribion's CRISPR nucleases.

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abstract illustration with arrows targeting to the same point

27 February 2023

BRAIN Biotech communicates new growth strategy

At its fourth Capital Markets Day, BRAIN Biotech's Management Board informed investors about the company's future strategy. The core of the growth strategy, called "One-BioProducts", is to become the international market leader in niche markets in the field of specialty enzymes and food ingredients.

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Portrait of Dr. Michael Majerus

8 March 2023

Dr Michael Majerus appointed new chairman of the supervisory board

The Supervisory Board of BRAIN Biotech AG elected Dr. Michael Majerus as its new Chairman in its constituent meeting following the Annual General Meeting for the financial year 2021/22.

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Building from Biocatalysts in Cardiff, Wales

24 May 2023

BRAIN Biotech AG gains full ownership of Biocatalysts LTD

BRAIN Biotech AG has acquired the last two minority stakes in Biocatalysts Ltd, Wales. In the future, Biocatalysts will form the core of the Group's ambitious growth strategy to create a global champion in the multi-niche specialty enzyme business.

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jubilee banner at BRAIN Biotech building in Zwingenberg, Germany

15 June 2023

BRAIN Biotech celebrates its 30th anniversary

From a pioneer to a provider of integrated solutions: BRAIN Biotech AG celebrated its 30th anniversary at its Zwingenberg site together with shareholders, business partners, employees and guests from industry, associations and local politics.

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Dr. Michael Krohn and Lukas Linning during the ceremony

28 June 2023

Akribion Genomics team successfully competes in Science4Life Venture Cup competition

The Akribion Genomics team has won second place in the Science4Life Venture Cup competition. The prize was awarded for the team's concept and business plan for its CRISPR-based tools for targeted cell killing for therapeutic applications. These molecular biology tools will be established under the brand Akribion Genomics. Science4Life is the largest German business plan competition for start-ups in the fields of life sciences, chemistry and energy.

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Ballons and poster with Logo and slogan "Celebrating 40 years"

26 July 2023


Biocatalysts Ltd. celebrated its 40th anniversary at its Cardiff site with the official opening of a state-of-the-art production facility and the installation of a second 10 m3 fermenter.

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Dr. Paul Scholz in a Lab at the Headquarter of BRAIN Biotech AG in Zwingenberg, Germany

12 September 2023

Scientist receives innovation award for discovery of novel CRISPR Nuclease family

Dr. Paul Scholz has been awarded the VAAM Innovation Award 2023 for the discovery of a novel family of CRISPR nucleases. The bioinformatician received the award for his groundbreaking research on a novel family of CRISPR nucleases. Due to their targeted and programmable mechanism of action, these enzymes open up immense potential for therapeutic applications, including the targeted killing of cells such as cancer cells.

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Hands holding a Petri dish containing a culture of micro-organisms over a black light lamp

14 September 2023

Patent grant for G-Dase E® nuclease genome editing technology

The European Patent Office has granted a new substance patent for the G-dase E® nucleases. The nucleases were developed by BRAIN Biotech's Akribion genomics team. The enzymatic mechanism of G-dase E® differs significantly from previously known CRISPR systems and due to its targeted and programmable mode of action, G-dase E® has great potential for various application areas, including therapeutic applications via selective cell destruction.

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