BRAIN Biotech at a Glance

We are industrial biotechnology specialists

As industrial biotechnology specialists, we develop and produce enzymes, proteins, microbial production strains and bioactive natural products for industrial applications. In addition, our innovative bio-based solutions help make industrial processes more sustainable. Our focus is on nutrition, health, and the environment.

The BRAIN Biotech Group’s business comprises three operating segments: BioProducts, BioScience and BioIncubator. The BioProducts segment comprises the product business with enzymes and other proteins. We operate fermentation facilities in the UK and production facilities in continental Europe and the USA for the manufacture of these products. Our product portfolio currently comprises around 600 products, mainly enzyme products for specific segments of the food industry.

In the BioScience segment, we offer research-intensive, customized solutions. We apply our expertise and many years of experience in enzyme technology, strain development, bioprocess development, and natural product chemistry and screening.

The BioIncubator segment includes promising R&D projects with high value-added potential. We carry out these developments either in-house or together with partners.

Examples from our product pipeline

G-dase E® / G-dase M®

These enzymes are proprietary CRISPR nucleases developed by BRAIN Biotech’s Akribion Genomics team to build a genome editing technology platform. The development of G-dase E® is aimed at a novel cancer therapy. Both nucleases can also be utilized for gene editing in industrial biotechnology.


Aurase® is an enzymatic active ingredient developed by BRAIN Biotech for the cleansing of chronic wounds. SolasCure Ltd., which was founded with the participation of BRAIN Biotech, is working on the registration of the medical ingredient. Initial clinical development has shown promising data demonstrating the great potential of the enzyme as a clinically effective agent for debridement (removal of infected and non-viable tissue) and its safe use. The active substance has successfully completed Phase 2a clinical trials. SolasCure is currently preparing for Phase 2b/3 clinical development and is in the process of financing further business activities.

Scientific publication: Preliminary evidence supporting a new enzymatic debridement product for use in chronic wounds (2022). DOI: 10.1111/iwj.14079


Deucrictibant (former active ingredient name: PHA121), which was identified and characterized by our natural product specialist AnalytiCon Discovery, has been licensed to Pharvaris N.V. (Nasdaq: PHVS) and is being developed into a drug in clinical trials.

Through our own research and development, we are continuously adding specialty enzymes to our product portfolio. New natural products are expanding our substance libraries, including small molecules, which serve as starting points for screening, such as for drug candidates for pharmaceutical applications.

Scientific publication:In vitro pharmacological profile of PHA-022121, a small molecule bradykinin B2 receptor antagonist in clinical development.

Subsidiaries and shareholdings

The parent company of the BRAIN Biotech Group is BRAIN Biotech AG, headquartered in Zwingenberg, in Germany’s Hesse region. BRAIN Biotech AG has been listed on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 9 February 2016 (ticker symbol: BNN; securities identification numbers: ISIN DE0005203947 / WKN 520394). The Group has approximately 330 employees and generated revenue of € 55.3 Million in the 2022/23 financial year.

At the end of the reporting year, the BRAIN Biotech Group comprised the companies AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH, AnalytiCon Discovery LLC, Biocatalysts Ltd., Biocatalysts Inc., Biosun Biochemicals Inc., WeissBioTech GmbH, as well as a 62.0 % interest in Breatec B.V. The companies Biocatalysts Inc., Biosun Biochemicals Inc., WeissBioTech GmbH and the 62.0 % interest in Breatec B.V. are allocated to Biocatalysts Ltd. as of 1 October 2023.

The BRAIN Biotech Group also holds a minority interest in SolasCure Ltd. and in Enzymicals AG, which is equity accounted in the consolidated financial statements.